We turn concepts into compelling 3D imagery

Our Services

We are dedicated to providing highly detailed and precise visuals of structures and landscapes for both residential and commercial properties.

Our 3D visualisations are created through meticulous research and executed with rigorous technique, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of plans or proposals.

For branding and advertising purposes, we offer 3D product renderings and 3D illustrations.

We faithfully capture the features and essence of existing and new products and turn them into digital, three-dimensional content, reflecting your brand’s look and feel.

The final product imagery can be used in both print and digital formats, with or without motion. To take it to the next level, the 3D object can be included in a semi-immersive 360° virtual environment for an interactive experience.

At Solid Eye, we are accustomed to designing and visualising spaces and items that often require custom or innovative design solutions to match specific needs.

We can turn scribbles and sketches into precise technical drawings and 3D models for a range of suppliers and manufacturers.

We can also convert pieces from the real world into 3D objects — for complex items, we recommend 3D scanning the item in our photogrammetry studio.

If you need a perfect piece of furniture, a bespoke spatial design solution, a digital object of memorabilia, or an artistic representation of your idea, don’t hesitate to ask us to tackle it for you. We ensure that the solutions we provide are tailor-made to cater to your requirements and exceed your expectations.

We’ve got you covered.

When compared to static architectural computer-generated images (CGIs), 360° virtual tours offer a more engaging experience to your audience.

360° renderings allow the viewer to remotely move around in space and interact with the surroundings. These renderings can be customised to present a property, showcase design and materials in detail, or tell an interactive story where the viewer can decide the order of the plot.

Our commitment to realism sets us apart.

We believe in meticulously crafted 3D models, where every polygon, texture, lighting effect, and perspective, results in a 3D visualisation looking like the real thing.

Our clients include design agencies, businesses, and individuals.
Download accurate 3D models of real-world items online.


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Our online shop offers a curated selection of 3D models. It caters for professionals in architecture, design, advertising, film and motion graphics as well as students and educators. For the best quality possible, the shop exclusively offers 3D models built by us at Solid Eye. Every model is based on a real-world item.

We believe that offering real-world items in digital format increases brand awareness for each product by making them available for other designers to showcase in their projects.